Visit Jacksonville

Every city in the world has its peculiarities as well as its good points. Jacksonville is just the same, and there are several pros and cons to living on the First Coast. If you would ask the residents what they considered to be the good and the bad of Jacksonville or if you would also try to thumb through a handful of online reviews, here’s what most had to say.


An important factor for almost every reason to like the city is the weather. The area of ​​North Florida, Jacksonville has a moderate temperature. It is the “just right” type of climate. Is it hot? Yes, but there’s the cooling breeze coming from the sea. Does it get chilly? Yes, but not your usual below zero degrees for more than a few hours on some days of the year.

Jacksonville has a humid subtropical climate. The plants start to grow back and bloom in early February and early March, and you will see that the green leaves begin to return to all the trees together with the grasses around the city. Summer arrives at the end of May, with temperatures starting in the 80 degrees and up to 90 degrees in July and August. A slight drop in temperature will greet you sometime in September. Winter is mild, but it’s good to have a sweater ready just in case it gets cold. It sure won’t last long though.


One of the perks of living in Jacksonville is that it’s near other major cities. Available in Northeastern Florida, where St. Johns River meets the Atlantic, Jax is close to Georgia, Alabama or other major Florida cities. If you’re planning to move for the first time or just visiting, the city’s ideal location means you’ll find: Orlando, which is only 2 hours and 15 minutes, Savannah is two hours, Hilton Head is three hours, and Charleston is about 4 hours away. You can take a trip to Atlanta or Miami for about 6 hours, and you can transfer to Asheville North Carolina for less than eight hours. If you have to fly somewhere like Chicago or New York, you can count on the international airport with all major airlines that offer many direct flights.

It also has the best of all beaches in Florida. The sand is light colored, and even some parts are white. The shore is vast which is why it doesn’t look crowded even on holidays. Great place to relax on a weekend getaway. And since it won’t take you hours of drive to get to the beach, you can be working in the morning and be instantly chilling by the sea in the next hour giving you the work-life balance you deserve.

Lifestyle, Culture and Entertainment

The city has a rich history that you should check out. Jacksonville is a focal point of every type of logistics whether it’s by air, land or sea. It also has a great diversity regarding ethnicity, race, culture, and religion.

Jacksonville is a sports hub; you can easily participate cheering for a baseball league, basketball, soccer, hockey, NFL football, and even for the PGA Tour. It also offers a wide array of excellent restaurants offering local and international cuisines.

The short review is just a glimpse of how life is in Jacksonville and if you want to know more, make sure you browse through the pages and consider this your virtual tour of the city. Here’s a video you can check to see how beautiful the city is: